Best Hostels in Bangkok

Bangkok the capital city of Thailand is a great place with full of history, attractive temples, and
good adventure. It is a great place for travelers, for there is a lot of things to do and see. Bangkok
is one of my favorite city in the entire world, and I can never get enough of it. Let me stay in
Bangkok famous for shopping surrounded by food and I’m a happy man. In Southeast Asia,
Bangkok is the hub for travel, and chances are you are likely to pass through it on your travel
around the region. There is the cheapest hostel in Bangkok price and guesthouse. So much that
it will take you hours to narrow down your choices when looking online. For you not to have a
hard time to look for hostels to stay here are a few lists that you will surely satisfy.

Belle Bella House

Bella Bella house is the multistory guest house is centrally located, close to the river and Khao
San Road. That attracts a calmer crowd. The rooms with common items just bed in them, but
they are very cheap, clean, and quiet.

Lub D Bangkok Silom

This guest house is a very popular spot for backpackers looking to stay somewhere other than
Khao San Road. The housekeeping kept it in good condition, the rooms are spacious and have
electronic key locks. Also, the staff speaks fluently in English, and there are plenty of group

Golden Mountain Hostel

This house is about a mile away from crazy Khao San Road and near the famous Golden
Mountain Temple. This is one of the newest and nicest hostels in the city. Each dorm bed is
actually cubbies built into the wall for added privacy, and each room sleeps, eight people. The
house decoration is super beautiful.

Going to Thailand is a dream come true for nature adventure and everything you want to visit. For
first to visit the country for more security and safety must seek the Thailand travel tip and advice.

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