Who Are We

Our site is giving home improvements and travel tips for self-development. We share to you all of our personal experience in home improvements ideas on a budget, our travel, and other experiences that we know will give help to other family and individual. It started when our friends visited us in our home. They ask how much do we put a budget every time we have a home renovation. And we are still able to travel as a complete family. I told them that I and my husband are the only ones who do it to save money. They encourage us to develop a website that will able to share our experience with other families.


So we started to compile all of our experiences and put into papers. And able to make it as an article for our website. By 2009 we started our blogs site with different topics. So, that will able people to find good ideas for improving their small kingdom with minimal expenses. Everything that we put in our site is all personal experience and other people who inspire by our works. That they are able to create their own style of home improvements topics. And also, we include our most popular travel blogs wherein we get some ideas for our home development and renovation. We see some home decorations in other countries that are also good to apply in our home.


To help families to have their best quality time together with good home surroundings. Giving them the best idea to have a happy family life. To teach children the basic daily home chores at an early age. In this way, a family can work together and have a good quality time through improving their place and themselves too. To be a good influencer as a good wife, mother, and friend.